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Nonprofit Donor Profile: National Sector Data
Statistical Highlights from the 2015 NMI Healthy Aging Database® Study

In conjunction with our participation in the 2015 Natural Marketing Institute's Healthy Aging Database® study, Stelter has released a series of nonprofit donor profile reports that analyze the data by nonprofit sector. This information will help nonprofit professionals gain new insights into the preferences, priorities and key demographics of donors specific to their sector.

Download reports:
+ Arts and Culture Nonprofits
+ Education Nonprofits
+ Environmental / Animal Welfare Nonprofits
+ Faith-Based Nonprofits
+ Health Care Nonprofits
+ Human Services Nonprofits
+ International Affairs Nonprofits
+ Medical Research Nonprofits
+ Public / Societal Benefits Nonprofits

The Stelter Company Weekly Research Insight Fact Book
In the spring of 2015 Stelter participated in the Natural Marketing Institute’s 2015 NMI Healthy Aging Database® study, which yielded nearly 600,000 data points of information. This data goes far beyond basic demographics, providing a window into the lives of your donors—shedding light on their hopes and concerns for the future as they relate to topics like health, finances and caregiving; revealing dynamics that may affect their charitable giving behaviors.
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2015 NMI Healthy Aging Database® Study—Sponsored in Part by The Stelter Company
The new data from the Natural Marketing Institute’s 2015 Healthy Aging Database® study can help shape donor-focused marketing and communications with more precision and insight, leading to better return on your communication investment. The Stelter Company’s participation in this study has led to the capture of powerful new data about the next wave of nonprofit donors on a scale, and with a level of detail, never before seen.

The result is a volume of easy-to-understand data that illustrate the hopes, concerns, priorities and demographic dynamics among donors to specific nonprofit types. The data segment donor information into an array of statistical groups, from frequent and infrequent donors, non-donors, net worth groupings and age categories to charity preferences, depth of sentiment and motivation to give, even financial and health priorities.
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Metrics That Matter: The Links Between Advisors, Donors and Nonprofits
Stelter's 2013 Insight Report examines the behaviors, attitudes and characteristics of professional advisors who interact with individuals and nonprofits on the topics of estate planning and planned giving. Our goal was to uncover intelligence to help guide nonprofits in their interactions with advisors and to position their organizations for greater fundraising success. Key insights include:

  • + Advisors' attitudes surrounding ethics in introducing planned giving;
  • + Who advisors trust for technical information on planned gifts;
  • + Characteristics of advisors deemed "high producers";
  • + Opportunities for greater synergy between advisors and nonprofits.

This study builds upon previous national surveys The Stelter Company has conducted since 2008, which focused on a consumer audience. Where appropriate, we spotlight how results gleaned from this study align or diverge from previous research.
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What Makes Them Give?: 2012 Stelter Donor Insight Report
Building on its two groundbreaking studies on planned giving in America, Stelter digs deeper into the logic of planned givers nationwide to examine:

  • + donation patterns leading up to planned gifts;
  • + how gift decisions may evolve over time;
  • + the mechanisms most effective in communicating about planned gifts; and
  • + the people who are most likely to influence the planned giver.

This scientific study, representing the U.S. population age 40+, sheds new light on the efficacy of common practices among development professionals and may compel your organization to re-examine conventional wisdom and approaches.
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Discover the Secret Giver
Are you missing out on untold millions in charitable donations by ignoring a largely untapped group of prospects? According to a groundbreaking national survey conducted by The Stelter Company and research firm Selzer & Company, the audience most gift planners target may represent only the tip of the iceberg.

The results of this enlightening research will help you gain insight to identify prospects not currently on your radar, and cultivate and engage your donors more effectively.
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Stelter Donor Insight Reports
In conjunction with our research "Discovering the Secret Giver: Groundbreaking Research on the Behavior of Bequest Givers in America," The Stelter Company has released a series of donor insight reports that dig deeper into the demographics, motivations and expectations of bequest givers.

Download reports:
+ Americans’ Expectations on the Size of Their Estates
+ Connections Between Annual and Bequest Giving
+ Gender Differences in Bequest Giving
+ Motivations for Bequest Giving: Why People Give and Why They Don't
+ Profile of a Bequest Giver
+ The Oldest Americans: Their Views On Bequest Giving and Proven Techniques for Targeting Them

America Speaks
Stay on top of your donors’ evolving attitudes toward planned giving with the results of our research, "America Speaks: Scientific Research Reveals New Targets for Planned Giving." Building upon our earlier research, we expanded our demographic for our second round to include Americans aged 30 and older.

In this report you’ll learn which of your supporters can easily be "moved" in your direction, how many Americans understand the term "planned giving;" the extent to which the economy has affected annual and planned giving donors; and easy, practical ways to apply our findings to your current fundraising efforts.
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Age Differences in Planned Giving
In conjunction with our research "America Speaks: Scientific Research Reveals New Targets for Planned Giving," The Stelter Company has released a donor insight report defining five distinct age groups of givers. Learn who these groups are, what sets them apart, and how to best communicate with them.
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Readership and Response
Unravel the mysteries behind creating effective mail pieces, with Stelter's publication, “Readership and Response: A Guide to Effective Direct Marketing." Inside you'll find a collection of best practices, techniques and ideas you can use today to improve your mailings.
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