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Our Culture

The Stelter Culture—Getting to the Heart of the Matter
We are a family business community where people come first. We are committed to making a difference in our partnerships with our clients and in the lives of our employees.

Our values are the foundation of our beliefs and actions:

Attitude: The Stelter Company, and its collective family of employees, is driven by an attitude of service—to its clients and to each other. Its heritage has been built on a solid foundation of honesty, hard work and perseverance.

Ambition: We strive each and every day to do the best we can for each client and fellow employee. We are continually looking to improve on current practices and implement new ones in an effort to serve our clients and to better ourselves.

Demeanor: As Stelter employees, we endeavor to conduct ourselves with grace and confidence, even in the most stressful situations. Each client and fellow employee deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. These values have made Stelter what it is today.

Spirit: We work in the spirit of sharing and giving. Our rewards and returns are both tangible and intangible, counted in part by human achievement. When we become one, great things happen.

For Our Employees, It’s More Than Just a Business Motto

Stelter employees don’t just work around the idea of giving, they make it a part of their everyday lives. At The Stelter Company, we have the opportunity to see exactly how our jobs make a difference. We’re inspired each day knowing our partnerships with our clients will one day help them help their community. But there are great needs in our own community, and our employees see the importance of living our mantra beyond just their 8–5.

We started 2009 by fulfilling a wish for new board games from Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS), an agency in Des Moines that provides safety, care and support for children and their families in times of crisis. Our employees organized a luncheon and game drive that collected $250 and 35 games for YESS. 

In March, our employees chose to help another family services organization, Children and Families of Iowa, by volunteering at KidFest, a weekend festival of games and entertainment that raises money to help at-risk children and families. 

In June, we found out The Refugee Community Center, a service of Lutheran Services of Iowa, had a continuing list of needs to help them prepare apartments for refugee families escaping the war and hatred plaguing their homes. To help out, our employees organized a drive that successfully collected the majority of what was needed to complete one apartment.

Throughout the fall, our employees kept their eye out for other organizations that could use our help and, after raising money through monthly company luncheons, made cash donations to four more organizations: Animal Lifeline of Iowa, Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, the YWCA of Greater Des Moines, and the Des Moines Area Religious Council’s food pantry.

To close out the year, we all got together for a few nights after work to craft fleece blankets for residents at Calvin Community, a retirement community in our area. We also fulfilled 57 needs tickets for Shoes That Fit, an organization that brings boots and coats to children in need for Christmas.

A Giving Tradition
Also in the spirit of the holidays, our employees made their most substantial gift of the year in President and CEO Larry Stelter’s name. The gift is a way to say thank you to Larry and is given to his favorite cause, ChildServe. ChildServe is an Iowa nonprofit organization that partners with families to help children with special health care needs live a great life. It provides specialized pediatric health care services to more than 2,200 children in Iowa. The $5,000 raised by employees was matched by CSOO Peggy Fisher for a total gift of $10,000.

Over the years, our employees have made Larry’s gift a tradition, and in the second year of this tradition, we all had the opportunity to meet Jim Trier, who is a testament to ChildServe’s good work. Jim was a normal nine year old playing at a relative’s farm when a blood vessel burst in his brain. He was instantly a quadriplegic; he could not even speak. Each year, Larry has challenged Jim to conquer new goals. Jim continues to grow and, today, is quite the personable young man. Larry, Peggy and the whole Stelter family have been touched by Jim and his parents, who each year remind us of the difference we can make by supporting an organization like ChildServe. To date, we have given $81,895 to ChildServe.

At The Stelter Company, our business is giving, and we’re privileged to have a team of employees who all believe in putting their innovative philanthropic ideas to work inside and outside our walls.